Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Ah, it's all over now - thank goodness! I absolutely love the run up to christmas but always find the big day itself quite a let down so my favourite day has always been Christmas Eve, and this year it was even more special, my sister and family were due to come out on the 20th but their flight was cancelled due to the snow but they finally made it on Christmas eve!!

Here is a picture of my dad, sister, brother-in-law and nephew Edward enjoying the sunshine,

I thought I'd do a mega post today with everything that I've remembered to take pictures of, I was so manic through December, I really don't know what happened!!

First off, my christmas cakes finally finished:

Some fun jewellery I made for my table top sale, cupcake earrings and allsort cufflinks, I did make some rings but forgot to take pictures of them!

And some bracelets I made up:

Some notelets I made with the freebies I got from DoCrafts:

Marmalade and Mincemeat, also for the tabletop sale:

And finally one day at the tabletop some people were moving and selling pretty much everything and I managed to get 2 smallish purple frames with dodgy flowers in them, for 40p each, they were just screaming at me to alter them:

Right, finally back to normal so should be back to regular upadtes!


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  1. wow you have been busy clare.i love your handmade jewellery.happy new year :D

    xx coops xx