Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Prezzies

I totally forgot to put pictures on of the prezzies I made for my nephew and niece! I thought I'd make them something as there isn't much you can buy here, plus I have to remember they have to take home again so nothing heavy!! I'm already thinking about making them both some advent drawers for next year, got to do it early coz don't know how I'll get them to England!!

Also just a quick couple of pics, I made myself a gluten, lactose and fructose free quiche, seriously proud of myself:

Then of course I had to make something for mum and dad so I made some chicken and mushroom pies, wonder how long they will last in the freezer?!

Right, best get on, I'm making sweet chilli sauce, caramalised onion chutney and sweet & sour sauce this afternoon ready for Sunday.

Clare x

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  1. gorgeous cards clare.the images are adorable and yummy baking :D

    xx coops xx