Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another quick post

I've just got a spare minute to show you a couple of photos of my table at the table top sale, I didn't have much room to take the pictures as the table accross from us was selling clothes for about 40p so you couldn't move for locals!

I've also signed myself up for step aerobics, so I have to leave in about 10 minutes. What have I let myself in for??

Right when I get back I'm making christmas cakes, I got all the fruit measured out and soaked in booze over night so they should be good lol!

Right, best get off now and get ready - wich me luck!

Clare X

1 comment:

  1. Your table top looks stunning, Clare! I love all those delicious cakes! And I can smell the booze-soaked fruit from here lol! Hope your areobics class was good fun! x