Saturday, September 11, 2010

I just can't stop colouring

Since I got my first Tilda together with some skin colour copics, there is no stopping me, not just colouring but buying! I'm on my second Tilda and 23 copics not even getting to all the digi stamps I've now aquired! Ah well you only live once eh?

Speaking of digi stamps I got these 2 that were just shouting to be coloured with my new felt tips, and with the whole back to school in all the shops it just seemed fitting. Also needed a break from Christmas!

They were from Kenny K, which is such a fab site, trying to stay away from there at the moment, need to replenish the funds first!

At the moment here it's the festival at the end of Ramadan so pretty much everywhere is closed and you have to keep a supply of sweets in for if/when the local children come around, I'd compare it to our Christmas with a twist of halloween (coming round knocking on doors for sweets) in it! So Iyi Bayramlar everyone!!


  1. Oooh I luv these note books they are fab ....great images xx Lizzy xx :)

  2. these are lovely the images are fab! must look at that site