Tuesday, August 10, 2010


No cards to show you I'm afraid, too busy pulling my hair out! Hazal arrived on Sunday at about 12 lunch time, and we have already been to the academy to ask Muge to find her another host family.

She is an absolute nightmare, we should have realised that the course is quite expensive so only the 'privileged' children will be able to attend, unfortunately with that you get the spoilt brats!

Her family have an apartment in town but she is still staying with us to help with her English, but she is such hard work! She is only at school for 2 hours so the rest of the time we are 'babysitting' while her mum goes down the beach and enjoys herself!!

We're decided to do this to help make a difference with the young people learning English, it's not as if we're making alot of cash out of it, it's basically all inclusive, for £100 per week, hey come to think of it, that's really good value, I might start offering it over tinternet, anyone interested??

Hopefully she'll be gone before too long and I can concentrate on my cards again.

Bye for now, Clare x

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