Sunday, August 8, 2010

New stamp

I have finally got around to using my new V&A stamps, I decided to stamp and flock the flower, the background is also the V&A stamp, which I am SO impressed with, being able to match it up and cover as much paper as you like!

This one is one of my christmas digi's think I should have done a border along the bottom to break up the emptiness, maybe on my next ones.

We are now on our 3rd student, the first was the worst and we wern't sure if we would have another but we met Murat before he came to stay and he seemed nice so we carried on and he left on Friday night and now the 3rd has just arrived today! Bless her she is only 13 but her family are actually staying in town so it's not that scary for her.

So I have been trying to keep up with my crafting but it's really difficult with the students here, maybe Hazal will be the last one and I can get on with my cards, who knows?! Wish me luck...

Bye for now Clare

1 comment:

  1. Hi Clare

    I hope your last student works out OK! Hopefully you'll get some more time to craft soon.

    I love these cards - the V&A stamp is just gorgeous. I have one (Posy) and really like it.

    I really like your second card a lot - I personally don't think it needs anything else because the image is so crisp and clean and draws the eye so well. I love it! x